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Can I Return my order for a refund ?

All sales are final. Refunds will not be permitted on any orders. Even Exchanges will be available in some cases and items must be exchanged within 14 days.

Is there a deposit or set up fee to order ?

Yes, when ordering your custom items you will be asked for an immediate non refundable deposit. Once the deposit is paid the t-shirt artist will begin your order. A set up fee is also charged for orders of 10 or more items. 

Care Instructions

  • Wash and dry garments inside out. By doing this your giving your design a layer of protection during the wash and dry. This allows the design to last without fading or coming off.

  • Cold or warm water temperature settings should be used to wash your garments. Exceeding 178 degree temperatures can cause damage to your design.

  • Dry on a low / tumble setting or hang dry your garments. Hang drying will minimize any wrinkles and low heat will preserve the design.

  • DO NOT IRON DIRECTLY ON DESIGN! The high heat can cause the melting of your design especially for heat transfer and vinyl printing.

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